Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Jen & Jute is now offering bulk and wholesale orders!

Are you a business looking for a nice client gift that fits your brand or to sell our candles and wax tarts at your location? We are more than happy to partner with you on creating the perfect candle for you!

We offer a variety of products that range in price between $1.00 and $7.50 per item, and we can tailor our labels to display your business name predominately front and center that will help market both your business and Jen & Jute Candle Co.

Our prices are as followed:

Wax Tart
One (1), 1 ounce wax tart in black, smell proof bag with label - $1.00 (retails for $1.75)
Two (1), 1 ounce wax tarts in a Kraft, smell proof bag with label - $2.00 (retails at $3.00)

4 ounce candle in brushed nickel tins - $4.00 (retails at $7.50)
6 ounce candle in frosted gold, brown, or aluminum - $6.00 (retails at $9.00)
7 ounce candle in glass jar - $7.50 (retails at $12.50)

Bulk and wholesale orders have a minimum of 10 candles or wax tarts of the same scent. We have a variety of scents available already that we can create your order from, or we have numerous suppliers where we get fragrance oils and can order your desired scent.

Please message us at info@jenandjute.com to begin your custom wholesale or bulk order. Turn around times vary due to the size of the order.